Frequently Asked Questions

Visiting The Café

What's The Stone Soup Café All About?

If you haven't done so already, please take 4.5 minutes the introductory video below.

Where is The Café Located?

The meal takes place in the Parish Hall of the All Souls Church on Hope St. and Main St. (399 Main St.)

Where Do I Park

You can park in court lot across Hope st.

Where Do I Enter?

Use side entrance on Hope st.

Volunteering at the Café

If I volunteer, what is my time commitment?

Please commit to either the entire morning shift or entire afternoon shift (or both), arriving and leaving at the specified times and checking in with the Shift Leader before dismissal. To find out more about shift responsibilities and time commitments, click on the volunteer button below.

What do I need to do to arrive prepared?

On your volunteer day, please wear a hat (unless you prefer hair net) and do not plan to leave valuables lying around. Be sure to wear sturdy shoes (no open toed shoes or sandals!)

What if I cannot meet the requests above or if I have further questions?

Coordinator at or Patti Kain at (413) 768-7346.

Watch Our Introductory Video

Community Guidelines

We are a group of people who are here to better ourselves as well as nurture one another so as to create a community of kindness, cooperation and connection.  By expressing ourselves openly and politely, we transform conflict into an opportunity to learn and grow.