Karen Markert

As the eldest of five, I was expected to help with household chores. My mother was never much of a cook so when I was tall enough to reach the top of the stove, I was taught to cook.  I started with lunch for everyone when we were haying and soon was allowed to make supper.
Then I started reading my mother’s one cookbook!  My first “fun” desert was cream puffs!  They were a huge hit!  And so much fun to make!

I have an internal drive to be busy and to be doing something that is helpful to others.  It is that drive that drove me to Stone Soup. My very first volunteer day I walked into the café and was looking a little lost.  Some one noticed the “lost” look on my face and offered to help me.  I told him that I was looking for Kirsten.  I was told that she could be found in the kitchen.  So, I walked into the kitchen with “my beautiful Hair” hanging down my back…right at the final push to get the noon meal served. Kirsten promptly scolded me and escorted me out of the kitchen. Little did I know exposed hair was a Serv-safe violation!

I did go back the next weekend and have worked in the kitchen most Saturdays since.