Donating to Stone Soup Café

(Our nonprofit EIN # is 84-3664286)

>> Make a One-Time Donation Online

>> Pay What You Can for Your Meals

>> DAF, Stocks or Crypto

>> Start a GoFundMe peer-to-peer campaign.

>> Join our Monthly Donor Circle

We consider our monthly supporters our "Soup-er Fans!" These die-hard supporters show up for us with whatever ingredients they've got, every single month.

>> Write us a check!

Mail to: Stone Soup Café, PO Box 57, Greenfield MA 01302. Payable to “Stone Soup Café.”

Donating Food & Other Items

Stone Soup Café can accept donations of sealed, unused, in-date, dry goods except for bulk wheat/gluten products. We can also accept produce, proteins, eggs, and dairy items, so long as they have been stored/refrigerated properly and are in good condition.

We accept food donations on Fridays from 2 pm - 6 pm, and Saturday mornings from 8 am - 11 am.

One-time donations are accepted. Please coordinate your donation by emailing


× Already opened food.

× Homemade food.

× Clothing, Furniture, Homegoods