#GivingTuesday 2020

#GivingTuesday 2020

1 in 7 Adults and 1 in 5 Children

That’s how many Greenfield residents are hungry, says Kirsten Levitt, executive director and chef of the Stone Soup Café. The Café hosts a weekly communal lunch to anyone who is in need; it is a pay-what-you-can takeout or delivered hot meal.

What if that one was you? How would you want to be treated by your community? Donate Today!

If you wandered down Hope Street on a Saturday, you’d be welcomed to join our curbside pickup line, invited into conversation by our greeters. We'll check in with you, how are you? Would you like to join our RSVP list? Need a mask? Artwork and social justice messages line the rock walls of the All Souls Church, live music may be playing from across the street.

You’d have choices of hot, nutritious, gluten-free food made from scratch. While you wait for your meal you can chat with your neighbors at a socially distanced 6 foot gap - which seems to be invisible when you're chatting each other up.

You wouldn’t find prices on any foods, nor would you be asked any questions about your means. If you didn’t need the dollars or the change in your pocket, you might toss them in the anonymous donation boxes. If you wanted more than one meal you are invited to order that too.

When you get to the front of the line our curbside team asks if you'd like some Rise Above bread or Katalyst Kombucha or Maple Mama beverages to go with your meal. Need some community information, utensils, special order? No problem, we are here to serve you. We make sure you know that our meal was cooked with love and from scratch.

Need some groceries this week? Please visit our pantry, select what you like and need. We are here to help you.

Our hope is that you would feel heard, respected, and your belly would be full. That feeling in your heart? Dignity.

The Stone Soup Café attracts people from all walks of life and circumstances. We cook, package, distribute, and clean-up the meal in a COVID 19 safe community effort. In these trying times we are serving more meals than ever and extending our services throughout the county. We have created vital partnerships with many organizations and farms, bringing more food to more people in our happy valley. We are committed to serving our beloved community with dignity, respect, and compassion for all.

Since COVID 19 began the Café has more than doubled the meals it produces. The number of people served by our hometown Café has steadily increased this fall as the 3rd wave of COVID is crashing our country and communities. Won't you help us grow our mission?


The Stone Soup Café staff and volunteers quickly adapted to the changing needs of our community with the onset of COVID 19. We are proud of the many ways in which we both pivoted our services and implemented new programs and partnerships with local agencies to provide more meals to our community beyond our Saturday offerings.

Food insecurity has risen in MA by 59% (1 in 7 ppl, 1 in 5 children) since COVID 19 began in March. That is the highest rate of increase in the country. SNAP applications have increased 360% since COVID. There is a LOT of need. The Stone Soup Café has expanded its efforts to address this growing need by:

  • Serving more than 350 meals each week on Saturday, that's over 18,000 meals a year!

  • Serving 40-60 Families and individuals each Saturday at our emergency food pantry

  • Distributing PPE - masks - to our community members on Saturdays

  • Partnering with The Brick House, Greenfield Housing Authority at Oak Courts, and the Living Room to share meal packages mid-week. Preparing meals for Franklin County Community Meals Program.

  • Cooking the twice monthly Just Roots "Feastivals" April through October

  • And so much more!!

2020 Year-End Fundraising Goals

Heading into 2021, the Stone Soup Café will need your help to meet rising needs. It is now costing us at least $15K per month to operate which includes: 350+ meals every Saturday, our curbside food pantry, and additional meals shared with other community organizations. Our goal is to raise $45,000 so that we can:

  • Fund our basic operations:

    • increased food costs & individual green packaging

    • staff positions

    • increased utilities

Please Join Us

The Stone Soup Café has grown in size and quality and has proven to Greenfield and Franklin County that we are committed to continue to respond to the needs of all our neighbors. Even during COVID 19 our emphasis continues to be on building relationships with our community that are personal and gracious .

Come enjoy a delicious, healthy meal with us any Saturday. You are invited to be a part of our warm and welcoming community. Consider joining our energetic team of volunteers, or our board of directors. Be sure to spread the word about our important work with your family and friends. The Stone Soup Café is a vital link in the food infrastructure of our community and makes a significant difference for our Franklin County neighbors.

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