Live Music

Northampton Community Music Jazz Ensemble (2022)

2024 Live Music

If you're interested in playing outside the Café on a Saturday afternoon, please email!

2023 Live Music Schedule

June 4 - Ben Grosscup

June 24 - Molly Bajgot

July 1 - Jeremy Swartz

July 8 - New Horizons Band

July 22 - Pioneer Valley Symphony - Youth Orchestra

July 29 - Pioneer Valley Symphony - Strings for Kids

August 12 - Eric Phelps

August 19 - Matt Goulet & Ashley Kramer

August 26 - HARVEST SUPPER - Mill River Rounders and Antenna Cloud Experimental Institute)

September 2 - Sugar Pond w/ Joe and Riley

September 24 - Prone to Mischief Brass Band

2022 Musical Performers

  • Rob Peck
  • Joanie Schwartz
  • The Pride Chorus
  • New Horizons Band
  • Northampton Community Music Jazz Ensemble
  • Eric Phelps
  • High Tea
  • Prone to Mischief Brass Band
  • Hey Hey Club
  • Firey Hope Chorus
  • Annie Hassett
  • Matt Goulett
  • Ashley Kramer
  • Antenna Cloud Farm Experimental Institute
  • Musica Franklin

Previous Performers

New Horizons Band (2022)

And The Kids
And The Traveler
Annie Hassett
Cameron Sutphin
Carrie Ferguson
Chris Goudreau
Chris Scanlon
Christina Joy
Dagen Julty
Dave Dersham
David Fersh
Eveline MacDougal
Garrett Connelly
GCC Jazz Ensemble
Hey Hey Club
Hillary Weiner
Jake Klar
Joanie Schwartz
John Genyo Sprague
John Porchino
Katie Sachs
Lance Smith
Lisa Marie Ellingsen
Marcy Gregoire
Max Johl
Michael Nix
Michael Orleans
Musica Franklin
New Horizons Band
Northampton Community Music Jazz Ensembles
Peter Skolnick
Pride Chorus
Rob Fletcher
Rob Peck
Russell Kabak
Rusty Belle
Seth Glier
Shubal Koop
Sonny Crawford
Steve Koziol
Wendell Community Chorus
Wishbone Zoe

Play at The Café

We Welcome Live Music At The Cafe!

The Valley is known for its musical and artistic population. The Café has been blessed with the ability to provide musicians a space to share their artistry during its meals. For so many of us music plays an important role in our daily lives. At the Café music creates a pleasant atmosphere, one in which diners may sit back and enjoy or join in the singing.

Over the years we have had a volunteer coordinating our musical offerings, if you’d like to offer your talents on a Saturday feel free to contact our music coordinator at