Our Testimonials


“Volunteering is a lot of fun, and it's a great way to stay busy and help out. I've also picked up some cooking-related skills!”

Nadine & Peter

“Our favorite thing is that knowing that we are delivering delicious and very nutritious meals to those who want to continue to partake in our community meal. We love how organized the bags are. We are thrilled that we are able to deliver the meals in our car!"

Scott Macpherson

'My favorite thing about volunteering is giving back to the community.'

Sherrill Hogen

“I meet people I wouldn’t otherwise meet.”

Trouble Mandeson

“I've developed friendships with so many people while volunteering here as well as making important social connections with local business owners, politicians, and artists.'

Annie Hassett

'There’s lots that keeps me coming back to the café… The organic food that truly feeds body, mind, and soul… The unconditional acceptance of all who come here… At Stone Soup Café, where the heart is, there are no strangers. Everybody’s always welcome.'

Lynn Nelson

"I really like the friendly atmosphere at the Café. Also, they serve great food that’s all good for you, especially the vegetables. The way the chef combines veggies with lots of other interesting ingredients is always yummy!"

Bill & Charlotte

“We keep coming back because it’s so welcoming! Having recently moved to the area, it’s one of the most welcoming places we’ve found! Volunteering is such a nice way to strengthen the local community.”

Ely Bianchet

"My favorite part of volunteering is getting to know the wonderful people on my route. I know how much I enjoy the meals, and am so glad to be able to facilitate that enjoyment for others."

Emily Clarke

“It’s so much fun! There’s never a dull moment. You get attached to the people you volunteer with, and you know you are doing a good thing.”


"From the beginning, the café has focused on serving not only food for the stomach but food for the soul as well. I especially enjoy the camaraderie… getting to interact with individuals you wouldn’t necessarily cross paths within any other setting."